What home owners think about EZ Panel Pool...
  I’m a mechanical designer... I work with Acad and several of the top of the line drafting packages that work together with Acad... My dad was a perfectionist... and I guess that for the most part... I am too.
  That being said... I’'d like to say that if I were to design my own pool, whether it be for myself or millions of others... THIS IS THE POOL I WOULD DESIGN.
  I may be speaking prematurely because I haven’'t attempted to put it together yet, but just looking at the quality and design of this pool will make your mouth drop. This truly has to be the best pool on the market today. My congratulations to the designer of this pool. …Thank You again...

David O., Metairie, LA

  I just finished installing my pool. What a great design and ease of installation. We are swimming in and enjoying. We did a full in-ground install. Looks great. Love the pool. Thanks.

Craig O., Downers Grove, IL

  This pool went in nicely!

Tom L, Erie, PA

  Please tell the manufacturer, that I love his product. I agree that the pool is great. I bought the brace system. We poured 24 inches of concrete by 15 inches ALL around the pool to make the collar... I am not worried about it falling apart. I am confident that the product will hold up very well. My home as you have seen is on a slight hill and the EZ Panel pool was an ideal product for my yard. I have rock ledge everywhere which prohibited me from putting a concrete pool. EZ panel is a fantastic alternative both in cost and look.

Jerry K., NY

  The pool looks great and my two boys are loving it. I have had several people specifically come over to see the pool and I have been telling everyone about it when the subject of pools comes up. They just can’'t believe that they can get an “in ground” pool for the price of the EZ panel. They were also impressed that I was able to install it all myself. I told them once you get the hole dug and leveled the rest is pretty easy. I really think this is the best values on the pool market today.

Scott L., Mattoon, IL 61938

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