52" Panels
The pool is made of 52" panels which give you a deeper swimming pool. Each panel is made from extra-heavy duty 100% aluminum extrusions, that are welded for superior strength and rigidness.


The EZ Lock System
No pool is easier, faster or less expensive to install thanks to the ez lock system. Aluminum rods are inserted into the buit in hinge to lock the panels together. The panel is then locked in place by our diameter lock system. All fasteners are made from aluminum for superior performance.


Premium Top Ledges
Substantial in both look and feel, broad 7" aluminum top ledges are powder coated and baked to a durable, resilient pearl finish that keeps its good looks. Where ledge sections meet, elastomer cover ledges snap on for a quality finish.


The Finishing Touch *
If you decide to install your pool above ground or semi-inground, cosmetic decorator panels will be hooked onto the pool exterior. All corners and junctions will be covered to complete the pool's beautiful appearance.
* For aboveground and semi in-ground models only


The Space-saving Slimline
Oval With its invisible buttress system, our ez panel slimline oval saves space in your yard while giving you the length you need to swim laps, its unique technology requires no lateral support beams, adding sleek good looks to space-saving design. If you have a grade to contend with, you can really optimize your yard with a semi-in ground installation.


Where beauty meets versatility
The GT 1100 EZ Panel Pool™ is beautifully designed and crafted to compliment your home and yard. It's made strong, in the U.S.A., using unique engineering technology and the finest marine grade materials. From its extra-heavy extruded aluminum panels to its uniquely versatile design, the EZ Panel Pool™ speaks of enduring quality and up-scale aesthetic appeal.
  • No screws, straps or tubing are visible.
  • It won't rust or tarnish.
  • It resists the worst weather extremes.
  • It's virtually maintenance-free, and it's hassle-free.
There's a lot to love about the EZ Panel Pool™ and our factory pre-assembled aluminum deck and fence kits. See your dealer for full details, and ask about options like environment-friendly, energy-saving, heat-retaining panels.


The premium Metal diamond pattern liner makes the EZ Panel Pool™ as attractive inside as it is on the outside.


EZ Panel Pool
How can you tell if a pool was designed for semi-inground or inground use?

 Never bury a pool that was intended for aboveground use. You can easily tell the difference. Above ground pools have flexible rolled sheet walls.You will never find an inground pool with a rolled wall.
 The EZ Panel Pool™ is made with rigid, extruded aluminum panels. This is the same type of construction used on inground pools.
 The EZ Panel Pool™ is super easy to install and will far outlive most steel pools.

The EZ Panel Pool™ as Above Ground Pool

The EZ Panel Pool™ as Semi-Inground Pool

The EZ Panel Pool™ as Inground Pool

The EZ Panel Pool™ with Expandable Liner

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